Anderson remem Jimmy Graham Packers Jersey bers how change revived his career

Ken Anderson thinks change can be good for Andy Dalton. It certainly was for him.

Bengals all-time passing leader Ken Anderson, the best quarterback who should be in the Hall of Fame, remains an unabashed Andy Dalton fan. And with Dalton undergoing the biggest playbook change in his NFL career, Anderson believes the latter day No. 14 is headed for some good things.

Anderson merely has to look back at his own career that was revived in a 1980 season that is starting out a lot like Dalton’s 2018. Dalton doesn’t have a new head coach like Anderson did back then. But, like Anderson, he’s been handed a completely different scheme than the West Coast offense he operated for the first decade of his career.

 “Everything was different,” said Anderson this week, echoing what Dalton said last month at the start of spring drills. “How we called the formations, how we called routes, how we called protections. It forced me to get back into the book. Took nothing for granted. It was rejuvenation for me. I think it will be fun for him.

“I think the offensive line will be more solidified this year. It will give him a chance,” Anderson said. “If you can score some points and the defense plays with the lead that makes the defense better. It all ties together.”

Anderson is in Cincinnati for Monday’s charity event at Maketewah Country Club with Bengals radio analyst Dave Lapham, his old road roommate. For years Lapham has been the face of the Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati’s big fundraiser and now the group is teaming with the Ken Anderson Alliance that focuses on easing the challenges of autistic adults.

Anderson, somehow suddenly 69 years old, was 31 that training camp of 1980 and that means the No. 14s are in strikingly similar spots in their careers. Smart, accurate and used to winning on a team that has hit hard times.

When new head coach Forrest Gregg plucked a little known former NFL assistant to coach his quarterbacks and receivers, Tulane offensive coordinator  Lindy Infante, Anderson  had 111 NFL starts under his belt and a .532 winning percentage (59-52) with an 0-2 record in the playoffs heading into his tenth season. He was a two-time NFL passing champion, but he was also coming off his first two losing seasons as the starter.

Under head coach Forrest Gregg, Ken Anderson won an NFL MVP.

Sound familiar? I Men’s Nike Green Bay Packers Ha Ha Clinton Dix Elite Team Color Jersey Cheap n his eighth year Dalton turns 31 during the season and is coming off the first two losing seasons of a career he’s posted a .585 winning percentage (63-44-2) in 109 starts with an 0-4 record in the playoffs.  Like Infante, current offensive coordinator Bill Lazor has crafted the new playbook around the winningest quarterback in Bengals history and one of the more proven quarterbacks in the league, so he’s looking to highlight those strengths of brains and accuracy.

Bengaldom is going to bristle if they go 6-10 like they did in 1980. But would they if they knew the next two years after that the quarterback would win two passing titles while leading the team to a 19-6 and one Super Bowl? Which is what happened in 1981-82, solidifying Anderson’s Pro Football Hall of Fame argument. The only man to win consecutive passing titles in consecutive decades in two different eras.

“We did a lot of option routes where the receivers had a lot of different things,” Anderson said. “In ’80, at the end of the year we were getting better and, of course it, all clicked in ’81. We were kind of one of the first ones to do the quarterback bootlegs. The out-of-pockets. The nakeds. Whatever you want to call them. We had a lot of success with it. Lindy was an innovator.”

Anderson likes Lazor’s resume. The wo Jimmy Graham Jersey rd is that the Bengals offense is looking a lot like the up-tempo, wide-open scheme Chip Kelly centered on the quarterback’s decision-making. Infante’s option routes have turned into run-pass options, but Anderson, an NFL quarterbacks coach for 17 seasons, knows Lazor has worked for a diverse group of coaches ranging from Joe Gibbs to Mike Holmgren.

“What’s nice is he’s been around a lot of really good offensive minds,” Anderson said.  “He’s got a lot to draw on. You pick out the best things and what you think your guys can do and I think they’ll be exciting.”

Here’s another parallel for the 14s. Both came into 1980 and 2018 after the biggest two-year sack totals of their careers. Anderson took 76 shots and Dalton 80. Infante arrived with a pretty good new left tackle. A guy named Anthony Munoz, who ended up beating Anderson to the Hall of Fame. Lazor also has a new left tackle. Cordy Glenn may not have a reservation in Canton, but he’s exactly what Dalton desperately needs and that’s a solid, seasoned guy that can make the Pro Bowl. Lazor is also starting things with a rookie center in first-rounder Billy Price.

“I think it’s going to good for Andy,” Anderson said. “He’s got a couple of new linemen that are going Ha Ha Clinton Dix Jersey For Sale  to help him and he’s got weapons at the line of scrimmage and in the backfield. We’ve got to get (wide receiver) John Ross healthy. It’s going to be fun for him.”

Change was good for him and Anderson thinks  Green Bay Packers Jimmy Graham Jersey it will be for Dalton, too.

“No question. Change can be good,” Anderson said. “Lindy helped me get back to fundamentals where I had got into some bad habits. We worked a lot on just the basics of playing quarterback and with the new offense it became a lot of fun again.”



Willow no longer just Jimmy Graham Packers Jersey in the wind

William Jackson: Pro Bowl chatter.

Marvin Lewis, coach of Greg Lloyd and Ray Lewis and Vontaze Burfict, is supposed to be the NFL’s linebacker whisperer. But his 16-season run in Cincinnati has been the Age of the Corner in a Bengaldom where good cornerbacks were usually few and far between in a kingdom known for offense.

(Remember the 1990 trades 11 days apart for Rod Jones and Carl Carter two weeks before the season when Eric Thomas was hurt and Lewis Billups held out?)

In the 35 seasons before Lewis arrived, the Bengals had three Pro Bowl cornerbacks. He’s had three and counting Johnathan Joseph’s two with the Texans, make it four. A total of 11 cornerbacks have at least a dozen interceptions for the Bengals and five of them have played for Lewis. Leon Hall (26), Tory James (21), Deltha O’Neal (16), Joseph (14), Adam Jones (12) Jimmy Graham Jersey .

Which brings us to William Jackson III. Or “Willow,” to his coaches and teammates. Or, as refers to him, “No. 42,” his ranking on the web site’s survey of NFL players for the upcoming season. He certainly is a favorite to be Lewis’ fourth Pro Bowl corner, fifth if you count Joseph.

But, Lewis sees him as a lot more than that. He’ll almost tell you Jackson has the ability to be the best corner he’s had here. But then he intercepts himself.

“We’ve had some good players here,” Lewis said. “He’ll be there with Leon and Johnathan, guys that have been here before him and guys we already have. I’m not going to make comparisons. He’s the one that has to play down after down after down.”

He won’t compare, but he’ll go one b HaHa Clinton Dix Jersey etter as he catalogues his corners.

“We’ve been fortunate. There was Tory James early on. Deltha,” Lewis said. “(Jackson is) kind of a combination of those good players that have come through here before him and you have to feel good about that.”

 The Bengals end their month of spring practices with Thursday’s final day of minicamp and, as always, there’s not much definitively that can be said after 11 practices without pads.

Main topics have been tight end Tyler Eifert’s cranky back, the speed of offensive coordinator Bill Lazor’s new playbook, the new culture on the offensive line, the rejuvenated John Ross, and how Carlos Dunlap’s off-season itinerary bounded off the Travel Channel instead of NFL Network.

Jackson during his break-out game last October in Pittsburgh

That’s all that can really be said. The rules limit how good a guy like Jackson can look. No press coverage, which is how Jackson makes his living. It’s like taking Twitter from Trump.

So much of the game at this point of the year is reduced to just pure chatter as the equipment elite guard of Adam Knollman, Sam Staley and Tyler Runk wait to haul out the pads in 42 days. Even then it will be another 48 hours before the hitting begins.

But until then you can get some Pro Bowl talking about Jackson. In fact, fellow corner Darqueze Dennard says he wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson gets the call this year in his second full season. When their teammates on both sides of the ball begin to use those reverential tones at the mention of your name (A.J. Green, Geno Atkins, Vontaze Burfict), get ready for the Pro Bowl.

“I could definitely see that. He’s that that type of talent,” said Dennard, his fellow first-rounder. “If he puts it together, he’ll definitely have a shot.  

“A lot of players in this league can’t do the things he does. That speed and the way he moves and plays the ball. The ceiling for him is as high as he wants. He’s probably one of the most talented guys I’ve seen anywhere … He’s a special talent.”

“A special talent,” echoes quarterback Andy Dalton, who has thrown against them all in seven seasons.  “He’s playing with a lot of confidence this year. He’s really fast. Look at the numbers. He was at the top of the league last year and you can see it out there in practice.  He’s a smart guy. He’s got all the talent you want. And he can run. He’s up there (among NFL corners). He can really get the ball out of your hands. He had a ton of PBUs. And he’s not a small guy.”

Meanwhile, Jackson is lurking in, well, the Willows.

At 6-0, 190 pounds, he is truly willowy, just like Lewis’ first Pro Bowl corner, Tory James. Long. Lean. He’s also got shockingly quick closing speed, like another sprinter the Bengals took with the 24th pick 10 years before Jackson in Joseph.

It seems like Jackson doesn’t mind going under the radar, like Hall, who should have gone to at least two Pro Bowls (’09 and ’12), but he’s also got O’Neal’s quiet confidence that knows he won’t be faceless for long. Not to mention O’Neal’s ability to get his hands on the ball. (He still has the Bengals’ season record 13 years after his ten picks.)

Remember what The Whisperer said? A combination of the best.

Jackson is a bit complex. He’s a thoroughbred who owns Standardbreds. He likes “to just ride.” He keeps two horses in his hometown of Houston. Jada and Shawn. “I’ve got two girls,” he said. He had no desire to watch Justify win the Triple Crown last weekend. “I don’t like the track. I just like to ride.”


Early in the spring, Jackson convinced a reporter not to talk to him about a story. Then other reporters began to mine some pretty good quotes out of him. When the reporter came back this week, Jackson admitted he felt like this is his second year in the league instead of his third after missing his entire rookie year with a torn-up shoulder.

 “I think a lot of people forget I was even over here,” Jackson said. “A lot of people forgot about me. They’ll notice me this year.”

They already have and he can thank Pro Football Focus for that. If nobody noticed his supersonic play against future Hall-of-Fame Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in two games last season, where PFF had Jackson  breaking up four of seven targets without allowing Brown a reception, then the web site’s Ha Ha Clinton Dix Jersey For Sale   oft re-tweeted gem of the offseason did after it ranked him its No. 1 cover corner:

“(Jackson) allowed a passer rating of just 36.1 when targeted; lower than if the quarterback had just thrown the ball away every snap instead. He allowed just over a third of passes thrown his way to be caught (34.9 percent).”

Jackson’s only NFL pick is the 75-yard TD bolt in Green Bay.

His two most immediate coaches, position coach Daronte Jones and defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, are in their first year with the Bengals and they cautiously speak of Jackson’s talents. Austin wants to see more interceptions, more than just the one he had last season, even though it should have been a game-changing pick-six in Green Bay. Jones is emphasizing consistency while Jackson is taking to his teachings.

“He’s a very smart individual. He makes the game easier,” Jackson said of Jones. “lt’s small things I didn’t know. Just being on top of routes; underneath routes. Knowing when to get underneath the ball, jump and get a pick. Being in the right position.”

Remember, he is a thoroughbred. His competitive juices kicked up out of the gate last season when he had trouble hiding that he was truly miffed when the coaches went with veterans in the starting lineup.

“I’m a competitor like everybody else around here,”
 Jackson said. “They knew what I was capable of. I knew what I was capable of. But they had their guys, so I just had to play my role.”

It’s noted that one of those guys, Adam Jones (who, by the way, is one of those guys with 12 picks) isn’t here. Unsigned. But Jackson misses him.

“He was a good-hearted dude and he taught me a lot,” Jackson said. “I’m surprised he’s not here.”

But nobody is surprised Jackson is getting all the premium snaps he can get this year. “It’s a blessing to be a starter,” he’ll say publicly. But privately he won’t mind telling folks he’ll make it hard for guys to make a catch on him.

Remember, there’s a bit of a dichotomy there. He doesn’t want to re-wind games like the ones again Men’s Nike Green Bay Packers Ha Ha Clinton Dix Elite Team Color Jersey Cheap st Brown or plays like the one against Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who just so happens to be another future Ha Green Bay Packers Jimmy Graham Jersey ll-of –Famer. He says he thought he belonged before even those snaps.

“I’m trying to think about making more of those plays,” Jackson said. “I’m hoping to get some good matchups this season.”

Just two he’s looking forward to are Atlanta’s Julio Jones and New Orleans’ Michael Thomas.

“Going against Julio would be a real fun task. He’s a great player. Just a bigger body,” Jackson said. “Michael Thomas is one of my guys. I worked out with him getting ready for the combine and we’ve kept up a relationship. That will be fun. May the best man win.”

To hear the pad-less chatter,  Jackson is already one of the best men.




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Camp hits: Green eyes century; Ross w Jimmy Graham Packers Jersey reaks havoc in space; Price continues grind; TBT on line

John Ross put his numerous skills on display for the longest stretch of his NFL career this past month.

A.J. Green has never been a numbers guy but as he went off on summer vacation Thursday he did reveal one he’d like to get. The nice round number that comes with 100 touchdowns. He just likes the sound of it. And he says he wants to do it as a Bengal.

Green turns 30 the week training camp starts but he didn’t look a day over 25 during the minicamp just completed. With 57 TDs and his contract up after next season, that means another extension and the Bengals’ all-time TD record. Running back Pete Johnson currently has it with 70 and Chad Johnson has the receiving TDs record with 66, which means he could break both this season.

Only eight wide receivers have at least 100 TDs and one of them is still active with Larry Fitzgerald’s 110. All seven who are retired are in the Hall of Fame and Fitzgerald is headed there. Green is tied for 11th on the active receiving TDs list with Mike Wallace and Demaryious Thomas, two behind Antonio Brown.

ROSS CAMP: John Ross, Green’s fellow first-round receiver, is looking for that first NFL touchdown catch and he feels closer to it as camp finished. It capped his most consistent practice time as a pro and his last play of the spring summed up what he does best. The man is just plain dangerous in space. Like he says, “I want to be a problem for other teams. That’s kind of what I’m going for.”

This particular problem surfaced with about five minutes left in the workout:

Third-and-five and offensive coordinator Bill Lazor’s last words are, “Get the first down.” He sends Ross on a drag route across the middle of the field to emphasize his speed and Ross just happens to be running it against the guy that is probably the second fastest player on the team in cornerback William Jackson. Quarterback Andy Dalton hits Ross in stride, making Jackson a tad late, getting the first down and sending Jackson into an anguished reaction.

“Good job, John,” said Lazor as Jackson seethed.

“In a game situation that possibly could have been a touchdown,” Ross said after practice. “When I get routes like that and I see the coverage and I know I’m one-on-one, I get to showcase my speed, especially against someone fast like that … that’s always fun.”

Ross had some big days in  Jimmy Graham Jersey camp. He did struggle at times with contested catches, but overall receivers coach Bob Bicknell is pleased with what he got from Ross in his first look at him. Lazor also loves Ross’ attitude because he wants to be known as a player and not the fastest guy in the his HaHa Clinton Dix Jersey tory of the scouting combine.

“He’s really got that elite speed and quickness and he can catch the ball,” Bicknell said. “He can catch the ball as well as anybody in drills. When he’s running right at me where you can really judge how he reaches and catches it, he frames it perfectly. He just needs to be more consistent, but he’s an impressive guy.”

Ross is the first to tell you he’s working on his confidence. “Mentally is the biggest part. It can carry you.” He’s getting a lift from his fellow speedster since Jackson, the first-round pick from 2016, also lost his rookie year to injury.

“Me and Will talk about it all the time. That was the first thing Will and I talked about this year,” Ross said. (Jackson said) “‘Look at me. I got hurt and last year I had a good year. You got it. You work hard. You’ve got what it takes. Just work hard every day and you’ll l be OK.’”

Ross admits he’s still trying to get past last season’s injury in the mind’s eye, like on one deep ball late in practice on Wednesday that he approached tentatively as it fell to the turf. But after going through two shoulder injuries and a knee problem, he seems to be bouncing back well.

“Not to make excuses, but once I shift my mind to, ‘you’re going to be OK and don’t be such a baby about it,’ I’ll be fine. I have thought about it. Don’t overdo it. It’s only minicamp. But as soon as we get to camp it’s going to be completely different, I’ll have much more time in recovery. I’ll be fine. I think it’s still me progressing every day and not trying to overdo it.”

During the break he also plans to keep working out with former Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, a routine he began in early April in California.

“He saw how much I wanted him to be a part of it and how serious I am,” Ross said. “I like to improve. I don’t like to stay the same.”

So far, Auden Tate has been a catch.


_A little throwback Thursday up front when three of the more well-known linemen in Bengals history surfaced at practice. Pro Football Hall-of-Fame left tackle Anthony Munoz and Pro Bowl nose tackle Tim Krumrie, two of the top three vote-getters in last year’s Bengals First 50 fan vote, were on hand as well another first 50 Bengal, Max Montoya, the franchise’s all-time right guard.

New offensive line coach Frank Pollack immediately came over to greet them and needed no introductions, especially since he played in Munoz’s golf tournament on Monday. Pollack, a backup O-lineman for the 49ers in the ’90s, doesn’t think he ever played against Krumrie. But when Krumrie was an NFL defensive line coach for three teams and 15 seasons, he developed a well-known reputation 

“I told him I enjoyed when he was coaching D-line working guys out for the draft process. He wore them out,” Pollack said. “It was fun to watch and he had an approach that I respect and like, too. He was an intense guy as well.”

Pollack actually overlapped playing in the league with Munoz and Montoya.

“That was cool seeing those guys. Those guys we Green Bay Packers Jimmy Graham Jersey re special,” Pollack said. “I wouldn’t say Munoz overshadowed Montoya. But, the greatest of all-time, people say, right? He had some really talented players with him. Montoya was a Pro Bowl player. He was a freaking stud.”

Krumrie, accompanied by 27-year-old son Dexter, recently moved back to Cincinnati from Colorado, in large part to be around his former teammates. It’s been a good month for that with Thursday’s reunion and Munoz’s tournament, as well as last week’s NFL Alumni golf outing. 

  _There is going to be no break for first-round pick Billy Price. He says he’ll be here until camp starts rehabbing his shoulder surgery that kept him out of the spring drills as the starting center. But he’s about a month ahead of schedule and can pretty much do it all. He’s doing the exercise that partially tore his pectoral, the bench press, and reported on Thursday while his teammates were scattering to the four corners he bench-pressed 315 pounds four times. The only restriction is that rehab chief Nick Cosgray has to watch him lif Ha Ha Clinton Dix Jersey For Sale t.

_Seventh-round pick Auden Tate, the monstrous Florida State wide receiver and last of the Bengals’ 11 draft picks, is making a real run at the roster. At 6-5, 228 pounds Tate has caught everything despite his marginal 40 speed but there are no indications they’re moving him to H-Back. Asked about Tate’s catch radius by Bengals radio voice Dan Hoard, Ross gave him a great future training camp bite with, “I think it’s ridiculous. It looks like the ball is always out of his reach, but it’s never out of reach for him.”

_ A good day for sophomore safety Brandon Wilson. He got the defense’s fourth interception in the last two practices when a pass glanced off wide receiver Alex Erickson’s hands over the middle and Wilson got the tip. Also, right after Lewis reminded him to play tighter (“play the force,”) Wilson forced an incompletion when he punched the ball from Erickson as they collided in the middle.

Jimmy Graham Packers Jersey Ced gets another say

2015 first-round pick Cedric Ogbuehi‘s career has received a boost with a new scheme.

Cedric Ogbuehi, who was supposed to replace Andrew Whitworth and instead got replaced by Cordy Glenn, is undergoing sort of a Ha Ha Clinton Dix Jersey For Sale  revival under first-year offensive line coach Frank Pollack. It is time to add him to the derby vying to start at right tackle opposite Glenn.

As the Bengals left for their six-week break Thursday when head coach Marvin Lewis broke the mandatory minicamp, Ogbuehi professed he loves the new scheme and Pollack left impressed with how he’s moved between both tackles. With Pollack emphasizing punching and other techniques tailored for the 6-5, 305-pound former first-round pick, they’ve put Ogbuehi’s career back on trac HaHa Clinton Dix Jersey k.

“I like it a lot. I use my hands more,” said Ogbuehi, who agrees with the observation Pollack has been a boost for his career. “For sure. I think he’s done a great job for all of us. He’s helped a lot. I’m excited. It’s just using your sets and getting on (the defenders) quicker. The big difference is you get on them quicker.”

As the players walked off the Paul Brown Stadium field Thursday, Pollack walked off with him and congratulated him on a good offseason and urged him to keep it going during the break.

“He’s gifted athletically. He’s got great length and he took to the teaching of the technique,” Pollack said. “He was working hard and he’s really talented with his athletic ability and we have to play to that. He’s got to get on guys quicker and play longer and have more confidence in himself and what we’re teaching him. He gradually got that. He’s got a good platform to build on for training camp. He looks very comfortable (at both left and right). If you’re not a solidified starter, you have to play the multiple spots no matter how uncomfortable it is.”

Pollack has certainly converted Ogbuehi to the idea of playing right tackle. As he walked to his car the day after that 2016 season he was benched after 11 starts at right tackle, he hoped he was done with the position.

“It’s a tough experience, but those are things we go through. I went through it and now I’m going to go from there,” Ogbuehi said back on Jan. 2, 2017. “Just not playing right tackle is going to be big for me. It’s not my position.”

But on Thursday Ogbuehi said, “What’s ever best for the team. I was open. I was never saying I was this or that. I was open. Really, where ever the team needs me.”

On Jan. 2, 2017, Pollack’s Cowboys were coming off a 13-3 record and headed into a post-season bye to prepare for the winner of the Packers-Giants game. So the only Ogbuehi he knows is the one from the spring of 2018.

“I didn’t coach him last year. I didn’t coach him two years ago. I’m not exposed to him,” Pollack said. “That’s great everyone’s got their opinion. I’m the line coach. I’m going to formulate my opinion. It’s a whole new deal.”

Right tackle looks to be shaping up to be a battle among Ogbuehi, his 2015 draft classmate Jake Fisher and former Giant Bobby Hart. Fisher had just started to ease his way back into the lineup after dealing with a shoulder injury, so Ogbuehi took advantage of the snaps. It’s the classic case of a player not having to leave to get a fresh start.

“I think he sees the opportunity for him to continue his career and build on it,” Pollack said. “I think he sees himself having success on the stuff we’re teaching him. Players will gravitate if they’re having success on what you’re teaching. Sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes it might take guys a little more time to develop. When you see guys having success, they buy in. If they’re enjoying themselves, they buy into what we’re teaching them. From scheme all the way down to technique. Accept your role. Own your role.”

Quick hi Jimmy Graham Packers Jersey ts: Eifert question mark for camp; three-pick day; Joe all go

Cornerback Darqueze Dennard had one of Wednesday’s three interceptions.

Tight end Tyler Eifert stretched with the team before Wednesday’s mandatory minicamp practice but just watched the rest of the way. That may or may not be what we see when training camps starts in 43 days as he continues to recover from back surgery. Lewis said he doesn’t know if Eifert is going to be ready for July 26.

He said there has not been a setback, although Eifert did work against defenders in drills in the weeks leading up to this week. Lewis indicated one of the reasons they’re keeping Eifert out of the mandatory is because the Bengals are working on the slick, new synthetic field that was placed in Paul Brown Stadium earlier this month while the grass fields are re-sodded.

“There’s no reason to get him jostled,” Lewis said. “Just ease his way into things. No setback. We’re trying to make sure  Green Bay Packers Jimmy Graham Jersey we manage everything they want him to do.

“When they tell him they release him, he’ll be ready. The main thing is he keeps up with it mentally. When he was getting the reps he was getting before, when there was a defense over there, it was good.”

THREE-PICK DAY: Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin has been banging the drum for more turnovers sine he signed back in January and Wednesday was his kind of day when the defensive backs came up with three interceptions. With the free-agent courting of safeties in an offseason capped by the drafting of ball-hawking safety Jessie Bates in the second round, seven-year safety George Iloka gave them something to ponder after he dropped back in a zone over the middle and stretched to pluck Andy Dalton’s ball out of the air intended for wide receiver Brandon LaFell. Lewis called it the best catch he’s seen Iloka make on an NFL field. The play also showed how popular Iloka is among his m Ha Ha Clinton Dix Jersey For Sale ates because the sideline exploded.

“That was a nice football play. That was good to see for him. For George, that’s a good confidence play for him,” Lewis said.

Another regular, cornerback Darqueze Dennard, read backup quarterback Matt Barkley’s eyes in the red zone on third-and-six from the 6 and cut in front of slanting rookie wide receiver Auden Tate for another pick. First-year corner Sojourn Shelton held on to Barkley’s ball thrown virtually right at him.

“It’s all right, but we gave some up,” Austin said. “We have to do better. That’s good. Those are things we want, but we also want to make sure we don’t give any up.”

By the way, Tate, the 6-5, 228-pounder the Bengals took in the seventh round, displayed his reliable hands. He made a nice tip-toe catch along the back line of the end zone and made a diving catch despite jamming his foot as he dove.

Joe Mixon (28) is shaking off his rookie inexperience.

JOE ON GO: Running backs coach Kyle Caskey has been bullish on sophomore Joe Mixon and says he’s taken a big step this spring. Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor says it’s been fun to watch him develop after he challenged his No. 1 to be a complete back.

“When you’re a rookie back and being part of a backfield that had as many as three guys playing, some of the more intricate things went to the veterans because there are only so many reps,” said Lazore before Wednesday’s minicamp practice. “Then you get to a point, ‘This guy should be able to do it all.’ Whether it’s a multitude of runs, different specialty plays, the passing game, protections, running routes. If you’re as talented as we thought when we brought you in here and you’re a smart guy, let’s do it all. Let’s have all that stuff in the toolbox … I’m really excited for him.”

Lewis, always careful to rave, didn’t mince words on Mixon.

“His role will be expanded,” Lewis said. “Joe has been great since the day he walked in this door. His effort, his energy. Now his sophomore year, he understands his attention to detail has to be better.”

Lazor is also a big Giovani Bernard guy, a third-down back that can also carry the load.

“He’s more than a year back off the knee injury,” Lazor said. “Think of all the big plays, all the production he had last year coming off that (ACL) injury.”

SLANTS AND SCREENS: Pro Bowl defensive tackle Geno Atkins didn’t make it out to the field until about 75 minutes into Wednesday’s two-hour practice. Lewis said he had a personal matter to tend to. “That’s one of the ten times he’s talked to me in 10 years,” said Lewis of the famously silent one.

_Out of practice but expected to be OK for training camp in seven weeks: tight end Tyler Kroft, guard-center T.J. Johnson, cornerback Darius Phillips, tackle Justin Murray and wide receiver Devonte Boyd.

_Right tackle Jake Fisher, cleared back in February following his November heart procedure, has been dealing with a shoulder issue much of the spring and has been working in and out. This week Lewis says he’s been released “somewhat,” and Fisher acknowledged before Wednesday’s practice he’s rusty.

With a training camp battle looming with Bobby Hart, Lewis says it’s the right time: “He doesn’t want to give up too much of a head start … he can work his way back so when training camp comes around he’s up and running.”

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Record Seattle Mariners Custom Jersey sack race underway

Carl Lawson: challenges Carlos Dunlap with 120 career sacks.

Carl Lawson is one of the many guys happy to see voluble and valued veteran left end Carlo Dunlap surface for this week’s mandatory minicamp. Lawson, who usually sets up at right end on passing downs, nearly broke Dunlap’s rookie sack record last season and he likes the competition. And on Tuesday he offered a challenge to a guy he calls “like an older brother to me.”

“Carlos has been in this locker room for so long as a leader and Pro Bowler,” Lawson said Tuesday. “It’s hard to explain the impact he has on this team. It’s good to have him back. I’ve been around players that bring negativity. Carlos brings nothing but positive energy.”

Dunlap brought some of that with him Tuesday. After missing all of the spring practices before showing up for the final two days of last week, he said there has been progress toward a contract extension but reiterated what he said here last week. The reason he forfeited the $300,000 in work-out bonuses when he missed the practices is because he wanted to remain working out in Florida and it was not related to the contract.

“We’re obviously in negotiations, so that’s obvious,” Dunlap said before a practice he never appeared in team drills. “That’s been stated by both teams, and we’re making great progress, but I just wanted to make sure I was in the best shape for the season, which I feel like I am. And, I just wanted to work one-on-one with my guys down there and make sure I was ready for when I need to be there. I mean, this is Year nine, and it’s voluntary.”

Dunlap, who had a home built in Miami this offseason, wants to stay in his first NFL home to play.

Carlos Dunlap says progress has been made on his extension.

“Cincinnati gave me my first shot. So, I would love to be here and finish my career here because I feel like I’m working on a legacy. I’ve been fortunate enough to get the rookie sack record … single-season sack record and I want to build that gap between me and Geno (Atkins). I want to stay here and continue to work on that and have that legacy, but at the end of the day, a business is a business. We do hav Seattle Mariners Custom Jersey e some young players here who are playing some great football. Whatever happens will happen, and we will let that play out for itself. We are just going to prepare to play football.”

Legacy is a big deal for D Custom Mariners Jersey unlap. He says he wants to finish his career here and he not only has his eyes on Coy Bacon’s unofficial single-season club record of 22 sacks, but Eddie Edwards’ official all-time sack record of 83.5.

“About 20 away,” said Dunlap, whose 64.5 sacks include the 13.5 official season record set in 2015. “I don’t want there to be any gray area. ‘Oh, he’s got the official record, but not the unofficial record.’ No gray area.”

He not only says he’s looking to separate himself from the 61 sacks of his 2010 draft classmate Atkins, a six-time Pro Bowl tackle, he also wants to get a jump on young guns like Lawson after Lawson finished one sack off Dunlap’s rookie record of 9.5 last season.

This is where Lawson’s challenge comes in. That all-time Bengals sack record.

“Tell him he’s got no time for that. Unless I go somewhere else,” Lawson said. “If I stay here the whole time, tell Carlos I’ll beat him. He wanted the rookie sack record. Hey, like I’m cool with that. But the all-time … If I stay here long enough that’s not happening. Look, I plan on having in my career at the very least 120 (sacks). That’s my plan. If I stay healthy.”

Dunlap’s plan is also to stay healthy. He valued it highly. Like $300,000. It’s why he says he stayed in Florida to train.

“I had my time to get in the best shape ever. I felt really good and I wanted to get around the guys and get implemented into the new defense a little bit and meet some of these rooks and show face,” Dunlap said. “Minicamp is a short period of time where we get a lot of football done, a lot of core skills done. I’ve done all the stuff I’ve wanted to  Women’s Houston Astros Majestic Home White Custom Baseball Jersey do training wise, and now its football stuff.

Dunlap met Teryl Austin at Florida.

“Last year I felt I played some of my most snaps ever and I felt my best ever in a season, which is odd to say. I tweaked minor things in my offseason program and it paid dividends, but obviously if you do that mind-set of take off a couple snaps — which they have plans of doing because they’re very adamant about having a big rotation, and I would too with all this talent on the D-line. That’s just going to double down on what I’ve been doing on my own.”

Dunlap is re-united with Bengals defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, a guy that got the same job at Florida the same year Dunlap decided to leave early in 2010.

“He was one of the guys trying to convince me to come back my senior year, so that was like our first meeting,” Dunlap said. “But before I got here a lot of players I know from other teams that played under him called me and told me how lucky I was to have a coach like him, how adamant he is, how good he is with the players. He relates to his players, but he works. He’s going to get the best out of everybody.”

Nobody on the Bengals regular defenses, save for middle linebacker Preston Brown and right end Michael Johnson, has been in an NFL defense outside the Bengals 4-3 of Mike Zimmer and Paul Guenther. But Dunlap doesn’t see Austin overhauling it.

“The way he calls his defense is different, but we had those defenses already in our packages,” Dunlap said. “He just doesn’t call them the same way. It’s not a full spring cleaning.”

Since he’s looking at legacy, he’s not looking at just Lawson. And one of those kids has already received help from Dunlap even though Dunlap had been on the field just once before Tuesday. Third-rounder Sam Hubbard, a Cincinnati product and Ohio State defensive end who grew up watching Dunlap, was all ears.

“He’s already given me a few pointers and tips,” Hubbard said. “Something small. Watching the lineman’s stance so you know where he’s going. If he’s blocking down. You can always get tips on stuff like that from guys that have been in the league for nine years. They’ve got a knowledge.”

Hubbard recounted how Dunlap told him he and Michael Johnson almost went to see Hubbard’s Moeller High School team play for the state championship. They also talked about playing for Urban Meyer since he coached Dunlap at Florida before moving to Ohio State.

“We talked mainly about how he developed you as a man,” Hubbard said. “It’s uncomfortable but it pays off.”

Now Dunlap is nearing his second payoff. But he wants this one for the record book.

Quick hits: Eifert not back Tuesday; Dalton finds Seattle Mariners Custom Jersey Ross, Malone deep

Tyler Eifert taking it slow after back surgery.

The Bengals continue to play it conservatively this spring with Tyler Eifert’s surgically-repaired back, although head coach Women’s Houston Astros Majestic Home White Custom Baseball Jersey  Marvin Lewis was surprised his starting tight end wasn’t on the field for Tuesday’s first practice of mandatory minicamp.

“He was here all morning and then all of a sudden he wasn’t,” Lewis said after practice. “I’m sure he’s being dealt with in some kind of medical fashion. That’s the only reason a guy wouldn’t be here.”

The Bengals have pretty much kept Eifert out of team work this spring as he recovers from the back surgery that limited him to just two games last season. But there’s an air of mystery around his comeback.

“Don’t know. Don’t know,” said Lewis when asked if it is Eifert’s back and if it’s a concern. “He’s been feeling good about things and they’ve been feeling good about things. As time goes on when we start to play football then we’ll have an idea where he is.”

It sounds like he’ll be here Wednesday but not practicing.


Dalton had some nice success tossing the long ball with those young receivers in both Tuesday’s team work and drills. John Ross and Josh Malone had impressive days and each caught bombs in stride. Ross Custom Mariners Jersey  went deep a couple of times and Malone made some nice catches over the middle ….

Of course, wide receiver A.J.  Green made the play of the day. Dalton underthrew a bomb and when cornerback Tony McRae couldn’t find it, Green leaped and plucked it off his helmet …

Malone and Ross were just some of the guys returning kicks as  special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons experiments with the new kick-off alignment. But one thing is for sure. Rookie running back Mark Walton, a special teams maven at the U, is going to get a workout on both sides of the tee …

WILL linebacker Vontaze Burfict looks to be in mid-season form. He gobbled up a screen and running back Giovani Bernard in one swoop …

Offensive line coach Frank Pollack is being pretty liberal as he mixes up his first- and second-team lines. For instance, left tackle Cedric Ogbuehi, backing up Cordy Glenn, and right tackle Bobby Hart, battling Jake Fisher,   spent some of the day flopping …

The Bengals aren’t obligated to comment on injuries in the spring and they don’t … rookie cornerback Darius Phillips appeared to suffer some kind of leg or foot injury early in practice, but indications are it’s not serious. Veteran safety Josh Shaw sat out with an unknown injury. Rookie wide receiver Devonte Boyd appeared to hurt his shoulder making a diving catch during one-on-one drills early in practice and he didn’t return … Running back Tra Carson and guard center T.J. Johnson were on the rehab field …

Before practice left end Carlos Dunlap doubted he’d see a ton of snaps this week with a nod to Animal Planet: “A cheetah doesn’t stretch before he runs, but it’s a professional football league so you’ve got to prep things properly and be mindful of what you’re doing so you can have that long and healthy career, which I’ve been fortunate to have to this point.” He was right. On Tuesday he appeared not to take a snap in team work …

Fisher, who has been nursing a shoulder injury, says he’s ready to go full out this week in what is believed to be a battle between him and Hart for the starting job. His fourth mandatory is the first under new offensive line coach Frank Pollack and Fisher says Pollack’s no-gray-area style has helped him. On Tuesday it appeared they weren’t asking Fisher to do a lot in team …

One area where Lewis doesn’t get enough credit is the team’s  Custom Astros Jersey at Houston Astros Custom Jersey tendance during the spring, especially in the last eight seasons of the A.J. GreenAndy Dalton Era. While many teams battle the Pro Football Talk glare of no show controversies (this year, just to name a few, it’s the Giants, Pats, and Seahawks), Dunlap is the first no show with Green and Dalton and he’s back this week. The Bengals spring controversy quotient is usually nil.

“We haven’t really had that,” Dalton said. “Part of it is guys want to be here, want to work. We’ve got the right type of people that want to be here and want to work.

“There’s different things that go on. Some guys don’t show up because they don’t want to be there. Some guys have stuff they need to handle. For this team and for the guys we have here, everybody is here and everybody is working.” …

The Bengals have been big supporters of the 2018 Bill Walsh NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship program since Lewis is a product of the program named after Walsh, a Pro Football Hall of Fame coach that got his NFL start in Cincinnati as one of head coach Paul Brown’s top offensive lieutenants during the Bengals’ first eight seasons. Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and defensive line coach Jacob Burney also were interns in the program.

 On Tuesday the Bengals named their four Walsh interns:

-Gerald Chatman, special teams coordinator/outside linebackers coach at Tennessee State University. Chatman, who played on the defensive line at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, also coached at Wisconsin-Oshkosh, as well as Ball State, Butler, Texas A&M and Elon. He’s also served as a coaching intern with the Broncos and Packers. Chatman assisted with the Bengals’ defensive line during the last week of OTAs and continues through minicamp end on Thursday.

 -Elizabeth “ZZ” Gore, assistant director of sports performance at the University of Houston. Gore, a track athlete in college at Purdue, helps lead Houston’s exercise science and performance training program for football and several other sports. She has previous strength and conditioning coaching experience at Mississippi State, the University of Montana and Purdue, and she was also a sports performance intern at the University of Cincinnati in 2013. Gore plans to assist the Bengals’ strength and conditioning staff during training camp.

 -Aaron McGinty, run game coordinator/outside linebackers coach at Millsaps College. McGinty has 10 years of college coaching experience, as well as NFL coaching intern experience with Jacksonville, Arizona, Carolina and Detroit. McGinty plans to assist with the Bengals’ linebackers during training camp.

 -Isaac Parker, offensive coordinator at Lewis and Clark College. Parker, who played at Williamette University in Oregon, coached in the high school ranks in Oregon for 10 years before moving to the college game in 2015. He’ll assist with the Bengals’ offensive line during training camp.

 “This program provides direct exposure for the NFL clubs to potential future coaching candidates,” Lewis said in a news release. “And for the candidates, it provides an opportunity to not only interact with NFL coaches, but also learn concepts, scheme and get an opportunity to continue to work at their craft.”

_Rookie quarterback Logan Woodside, a seventh-rounder out of Toldeo, practiced Tuesday after getting a DUI over the weekend, according to published reports. The reports said he was arrested Saturday at 3:46 a.m. by Bellevue, Ky., police. The Bengals said Tuesday they are aware of the incident and gathering more info.



Scrutiny is Seattle Mariners Custom Jersey mandatory for offense

The Cordy Glenn trade was big in more ways than one.

The Bengals’ mandatory minicamp begins Tuesday and when it ends Thursday the official seven-week period of conjecture, speculation and guesswork is underway because they won’t be seen on the field for the next 42 days.

Camp is closed to the public but that doesn’t mean there’s a moratorium on the hopes and fears that they did enough during the offseason to pull the offense out of a two-year coma.

Certainly just the presence of the very large Cordy Glenn at left tackle Tuesday is physical evidence of the effort since he’s the product of a trade involving a first-round pick designed to improve one of the offense’s most visible positions.

But the hopes of a little-used role player also reflect how this offense may be changed by as much philosophy as looks. Ryan Hewitt, the forgotten fullback, has been looking pretty upbeat this spring working out of a new playbook that has offensive coordinator Bill Lazor for an editor and new offensive line coach Frank Pollack as a frequent contributor.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that when Hewitt’s play-time began to dip in 2016 so did the offense in general and the running game in particular.

Maybe. Maybe not. All we know is when Hewitt took between 35-40 percent of the snaps during his first two years in the league (2014-15) the Bengals finished sixth and then 13th in rushing and 15th offensively overall both years. Then when the snaps dipped under 30 percent, they finished 13th and 31st in 2016-17 rushing on the way to finishing 13th overall in ’16 before coming in dead last in ’17 for all things offense.

Last season’s knee injury that took Hewitt out of three games didn’t help his snaps, but Pollack’s approach to the run game has revived him. Pollack arrived this January after three years running the line in Dallas, so the Bengals have been saturated by tape of a Cowboys running game that finished ninth, second, and second under Pollack from 2015-17.

“He’s more old school style. Watching Dallas film, you get a feel for it,” Hewitt said. “Its stuff I like doing and stuff I think can help me create holes for the running back. It’s the stuff I was doing my first couple years that we got a little bit away from. So hoping to get back to that.”

Ryan Hewitt: remember him?

That would be lead plays with Hewitt clearing the way for running backs Joe Mixon and Giovani Bernard. So that fits him. But given that Lazor  Custom Mariners Jersey is a product of the pure, uncut West Coast offense under Mike Holmgren, Hewitt also fits that type of versatile personnel groups La Seattle Mariners Custom Jersey zor seeks because of his pass catching at tight end.

One day last week Lazor noted how he had Hewitt playing tight end with the first team.

“A big part of the thing is we’re committed to being able to play football a lot of different ways,” Lazor said. “Some of that is one-back, some of it is two-back. You need the right guy to do that. He’s smart enough. He’s versatile enough. When I got here (in 2016) I was told he was a tough, smart kid.

“Some teams we play, you can see they see him as a fullback. But a lot of teams we play aren’t sure because we move him around a little bit.”

Lazor served one year under Holmgren in Seattle, but Hewitt played pretty much the same spots he’s played here for several years in Stanford’s old school West Coast scheme.

“It’s nothing really new for me,” Hewitt said. “I’m just trying to get back to what I’m used to doing and I think we’re going to do that.”

Hewitt’s Custom Astros Jersey  number of snaps is pending. Glenn’s snaps are set in stone. As close to 100 percent as he can get after he missed the final 10 games of last season with a foot injury. They’ve opted to bring him back slowly and work his way back into shape, but he says the foot feels fine and he likes the running game, too.

“It’s fast. We’ve got some explosive weapons,” Glenn said. “We have a different variety of schemes. We’ve got different ways to attack a defense. With 28 (Mixon) and 25 (Bernard), it’s nice.”

Glenn, who turns 29 during the first month of the season, is heading into his sixth season in the NFL and he knows that getting swapped for basically a first-round pick brings responsibility.

“I’m not a rah-rah guy. I’ve always tried to lead by example,” Glenn said. “Just watch me work every day. But it’s the kind of thing in the room where you can feed off each other. Somebody might watch how you use your hands or you might see how they took a step and you kind of look to each other.”

Head coach Marvin Lewis hasn’t pounded his best players this spring. His best player, wide receiver A.J. Green, has been used sparingly. So has his most brittle, tight end Tyler Eifert. Safety Shawn Williams has nursed a hamstring issue and spent much of the practices on the sidelines and No. 1 pick Billy Price has gone nowhere near center with his rehabbing shoulder even though he’s been quite active in the drills. Expect more of the same this week.

They’ve also limited Glenn’s snaps, largely because of the foot but also because they’d like to get a gander at a lot of guys. Pollack pledged to use the kids everywhere and it looks like the only guys exempt from moving have been the two veterans in Glenn and left guard Clint Boling. With as many as five tackles possibly making it, that gets a little bit interesting.

Former No. 1 pick Cedric Ogbuehi, who has struggled at both tackles during his career, looks to be having a bit of a revival under Pollack as he plays both sides. With Glenn getting spelled, guys like Bobby Hart are also playing both sides even though he appears to be in a battle to start at right tackle with Jake Fisher. While Fisher nursed a nicked shoulder, Kent Perkins is also getting time as he continues to interest them in his second season undrafted out of Texas. At 6-5, 320 pound Perkins has some serious NFL thickness.